4 Designer Home Essentials You Must Know

Whether you are recreating your home space by yourself, or just redecorating your room, there are a lot of things you should know and understand about creating designer interior spaces. These are essential tips that will make it easier for you to design the kind of space that you want, without compromising on quality. Here are a few factors that you need to pay special attention to before you can start working on your personalized.

1. Lighting:

Once you have selected the color scheme for your room, it is time decide on the lighting you want. This lighting should let the color scheme shine through without hurting your eyes. Whichever color scheme you choose, the way it looks is going to depend on the lighting level. For example, if you go for a purple-and-white color scheme, then the purple areas could end up looking black if the lighting is not strong enough or if it is not positioned right. Therefore, ensure that you position lights on focal points and surfaces that will look dark in low lighting.

2. Efficient Space Utilization:

If you have space problems in your home, then there is still nothing to worry about. The thing about efficient space utilization is that it makes smaller rooms look bigger than they actually are. One thing you can do to achieve this effect is use lighter color palettes. Vertical lines will make the room seem taller, while horizontal lines will make it appear wider. Only use furniture that you really need, and keep nothing else that you may or may not have need for in the future. Smart furniture allows you to have multi-purpose objects such as a bed with book shelves on the sides, or a dining table that can be folded after using.

3. Choosing the Color Palette:

Making sure all the colors go well with each other is a priority for designing a home. For this purpose, you can use the help of Adobe Kuler, or Design Seeds. Your color scheme will eventually decide the entire feel of your room, and also your personality.

4. Shelves Arrangement:

The way you place and arrange your shelves depends on your own convenience. Ideally, the bottom shelf should be a good 52″ above the floor-level. This is the right height, and the objects on the shelf will always be within your reach, while preventing it from the reach of a toddler.

Designing your home is an exciting adventure, and should be done in a way that is fun as well as quick. It is not that difficult to understand interior spaces, but if you are finding any kind of difficulty, then all you have to do is contact Expressions at Home, and they will give you great advice on how you should decorate your room.