4 Great Ways to Transform Light in your Home

A properly lit room brightens your mood and lifts your attitude significantly. Natural lighting can change the feel of any room, infusing a new life in to a dull room, transforming it into a healthy living space. A room that that uses natural lighting represents a perfect reflection of warmth and brightness.

Moreover, using natural lights can noticeably reduce the electricity used in for lighting your home. Natural lights are great for people and certainly assist the environment. In addition, poor lighting spoils the ambiance and the mood, whether it is too harsh, too bright or just unflattering. Thankfully, you can easily tailor your lighting scheme not only to your d├ęcor but also to your event, season, the time of day and your mood, with simple decorating tricks. Here are 4 great ways to transform light in your home.

Install light filtering window treatments

Light filtering window treatments like blinds, sheers, and shades are a nice way to control, shape and change light according to your needs, achieving the perfect ambiance for your room and home. Prevent the sun from entering your room during daylight without going completely blackout, by installing a window covering like Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shadings, with its pure fabric that slightly filters out glare, brightness and UV light. You can also opt for Luminette privacy sheers that disperse the sun’s rays into soft natural light all across your room, removing the need for electric lighting during day time.

Add interior windows

Interior windows are a nice design trick for rooms that don’t have windows on the outer side. Allow light and a sense of openness in the room by installing a window between the windowless space and the adjacent room. A well-placed view through, just below the ceiling or above the door, will completely transform the ambiance of dungeons and dark space. If privacy is a concern, then you can consider using an opaque filer directly to the glass or install custom window treatments, like Roman shades or shutters for a more decorative look.

Choosing the right light bulbs

The popularity of energy efficient bulbs like LEDs and CFLs has made choosing the right light bulb a little difficult. As a general rule, one should always choose a bulb that emits a white tone, warm light, irrespective of type. Or else the colors and tones of your interior may look harsh and unnatural. Incandescent bulbs are a great all purpose bulb, but they are not energy efficient, so it is advised to limit their use to fixtures that are not used very often. For cabinet lightning or pendant lighting you can choose halogen bulbs, as the light they emit looks quite similar like daylight.

CFLs being energy efficient are perfect for exterior lighting and table lamps, which are usually on for longer hours. LEDs are best suited for reading and desk lamps where highly targeted light is preferred.

Install a dimmer

For most of us, our overhead lighting and lamps have only two settings- on or off. Installing a simple dimmer switch gives you full control of your lighting scheme, allowing you to alter the mood of the room, from very bright to a soft romantic setting, with just a tap.

Dimmers are perfect for entertainment rooms and dining spaces like a media or living room, where less light is required to properly enjoy the activities in the area, like just hanging out or watching a movie.