5 Painting Tips for Your Home

Refreshing the paint job inside your house once every couple of years keeps your home looking fresh and new. And you don’t need to hire a professional every time you decide to paint a fresh coat all over the walls, you can totally just do it yourself. All you have to do is follow these five tips, and the job will be so much easier.

1. Prepare the Surface:

When painting, you cannot just start driving your paint roller against the walls. You first have to prepare the surface by scraping the walls and filling any holes, dents, and crevices, no matter how small, in order to achieve the perfect finished look.

2. Canvas is Better than Plastic:

Canvas dropcloths are more durable and provide more resistance than plastic ones. Canvas absorbs paint drips, unlike plastic, which become slippery when splattered with paint. Another advantage of using canvas dropcloths is that you don’t have to toss them out after the work is done, because they are reusable.

3. Tint the Primer:

Primer serves three important functions:

  • It blocks stains from bleeding through.
  • It allows one-coat coverage for the paint.
  • Most importantly, it improves paint adhesion, which greatly reduces blisters and peeling on the walls.

4. Store the Paint Overnight:

Usually, professional painters don’t go through the laborious process of cleaning the paintbrushes and paint-roller sleeves. Instead, what they do to make the process easier for the next day is that they simply brush or roll off the excess paint, then tightly wrap them in plastic food wrap. Keeping out air is the main part of keeping the paint from drying overnight.

5. Sand Trim Between Coats:

One coat of paint usually will not hide the underlying colour and sheen on trim. Sanding the surface smooth between coats keeps the finish from having a grainy texture. Do this before applying each fresh coat of paint.

These tips will help your painting projects go faster and more smoothly. However, if you don’t feel up for the task of painting your entire home yourself, then just contact Expressions at Home, and you will instantly have the best professionals in Edmonton at your service.