6 Design Tips for your Home Office

A home office is a place where comfort and efficiency meet to create the perfect work space. Whether you use your home office to run a business, make occasional conference calls, or just to pay the bills, you need a space that is at once welcoming and motivating – a space that inspires you to work.

Design your home office to get the right mood for performance and productivity.

1. Separate your work space from your home space

Set a distinct boundary between your office and other areas of your home. You should not be distracted by the flat screen in the living room or the noise of children playing in the yard. Plus, a separate work space will get you in the right mindset, so you won’t be tempted to catch a nap or go snack hunting for the hundredth time.

2. Create a focal point in the office

The focal point will be the most important thing you need for your work. It’s most likely you’ve set your computer in the centre of your desk so that when you enter the room, you know you need to get some work done. Keep your phone, planner and sticky notes in plain sight and at an accessible distance. These will serve as visual reminders for getting stuff done. And, if the phone’s a distraction, put it in the draw.

3. Invest in a great desk and chair

The chair is where you’ll be parked most of the time and the desk is what you’ll be parked in front of. Your desk should be at the perfect height for you to work comfortably. It should be big enough to accommodate all your notes and papers, along with your laptop / desktop computer.

Your health and safety can be seriously affected by a faulty chair. Get a beautiful and functional chair that you can adjust for optimum comfort. A chair that is kind to your back, shoulders and spine is worth every penny.

4. Keep things organized

If piles of jumbled papers sit on your desk and there are sticky notes everywhere, you’ll have a problem focusing on the task at hand. Get a desk organizer and a paper basket to keep all the important files at hand. Furnish the office with filing cabinets and book shelves so you have a place for everything and everything is in its place.

Encase the cords on your desk with cool fabric cord covers, and feed the cord through a desk grommet so their jumble is out of sight. You can organize the cords with winders, tubing or wire organizers.

5. Fill the office with optimum lighting

Keep your office space adequately lit when working. Low levels of light can have a negative effect on your mental health and wellbeing.

If your home office has windows, make the most of natural daylight. Place your desk in front of a window, but orient the computer screen away from it. Light falling directly on the screen will create glare which will strain your eyes. If there are no windows, get energy-efficient task lighting with dimmer switches so you can control the intensity of light.

6. Let the creative juices flow

Turn a wall into a white board with Idea Paint so you can brainstorm without limits. You can also get butcher paper and hang strips of it on walls for your ideas and doodles.

Design your home office into a space that is comfortable and productive. Contact the professionals at Expression at Home for more design ideas and options.