6 Tips to Brighten Up Your Living Room

Without light, you can’t even see your home decor. It is what brings out the color of every item. It can make your home look bright and cozy or dark and stuffy. A dull living room might be the result of poor lighting and color choices.
Are you tired of how your living room looks? Does it have drab lighting and boring furniture? Brighten up your space with the help of these tips.
1. Include reflective surfaces
Adding a little sparkle to your living room will brighten it right up. You can tile one of the walls with mirror tiles to reflect the light and space of your living room. Place a mirrored tray on the coffee table to add interest to your arrangement, or a cut glass bowl on the end table to put odds and ends in.
You can also use crystal photo frames to make a gallery wall. Another option is Lucite or glass-topped tables. They will expand the perceived space in the room and give it a bright, clean and airy look.
2. Go with light walls
This is a foolproof way to brighten up any space. Choose a light color that coordinates with your living room decor. You can also use two or more paint colors in the room to emphasize features like a fireplace or beautiful French windows. Warm colors like tan, brown and rust, when paired with white, will add a definitive gleam to your living room.
3. Use light furniture
Dark colors tend to close up space and reduce the brightness of a room. If you want your living room to look expansive and bright, opt for light-colored furniture. A butter yellow sofa or an off white armchair will give your living room a relaxed and open ambiance.
4. Use window blinds
It’s been proven that natural light improves people’s moods and actions. Make the most of it by getting rid of dark heavy curtains; get window blinds instead. There are many advantages of blinds over curtains. The primary advantage is that you can control exactly how much light gets in. No more fluttering of curtains to distract you from what you are doing.
5. Install recessed lighting fixtures on the ceiling
If you have dark colored or wood paneled ceilings, they might dampen on your living room. Use recessed lights (or ‘can lights’) to brighten up the ceiling so the room doesn’t look like a cave. You can also install dimmer switches to control the brightness.
6. Add a little pop
While light and neutral colors will help open up a space, a pop of bright color here and there will enhance the effect. A turquoise throw pillow or a bright gold candle holder / lantern will add the necessary twinkle to banish any dullness.
Use these tips to give your living room new life and some much needed zing. Check out Expressions at Home for options in furniture and blinds.