6 Tips to Organize Your Furniture

Organizing furniture in any space can be an overwhelming task. After buying just the right kind of furniture to suit your decor, sometimes even changing the wall color / design to accommodate a statement piece, arranging it all poorly will render all your efforts futile.

But there’s no need to fret just yet. Follow these tips to organize your furniture and turn your home into an aesthetic wonder.

1. Measure everything

It’s time to take out the tape measure. Measure your sofa, coffee table, bed, dining table, chairs – in short, every piece of furniture – to ensure they all find a place in your home. Measure the door widths, hallways, stairs; you should be able to bring all the pieces into the rooms.

2. Match your furniture with your wall decor

The coordination between the furniture and the walls can make or break the room’s aesthetic. Use wall paint or wallpaper that complements your furniture. You can have different tones of the same colour throughout the room, or make a statement by placing a dark sofa against lighter walls. If you’re trying to make your large living room look cosier with dark walls, get an off-white ottoman or a glass coffee table to create an animated and dramatic feel.

3. Create symmetry – or not

Strike a balance between the different items in your home decor to create a restful or exciting feel. Furniture of similar sizes will lend a calm, symmetrical air to the room. On the other hand, unevenly sized furniture will give the space visual motion.

4. Think like an artist

Think about your space the way an artist would think about his / her painting. Steal their triangulation trick: place an end table on either side of your sofa, and fix an artwork on the wall above. This will create two corners – one on each end of the sofa – and an apex point above the painting, giving it shape and depth.

Another artist’s trick, you can use, is placing furniture to create depth. Start by standing at the threshold of your room. The organization of the furniture should be like this:

  • A chair or ottoman, at an angle, in the foreground;
  • A coffee table in the mid-ground;
  • The sofa with a wall behind it in the background;
  • A window or a painting above the sofa will serve as the vanishing point.

This will create a perfect space with strategic points of depth.

5. Break up a long room

Humans tend to feel more comfortable in square rooms as opposed to more rectangular ones. If your living room is long and narrow, break it up into two squares with careful placement of furniture. One side can serve as a sitting area and the other as a dining area, or you can have two separate but connected areas where people can relax and interact.

6. Don’t stick your furniture to the walls

Setting up your sofa and other items right against the wall will create a very rigid and boring look. Instead, keep a distance of at least a few inches between the walls and furnishings; this will give the room depth and character.

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