8 Decoration Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Decorating a home is exciting and fun. There are so many, many, many things you can do. But there are also many mistakes you can make if you’re designing a space on your own. Read on for a list of common decorating mistakes yo want to avoid.
1. Going overboard with a theme
It’s all right if you love the tropics and want your home to reflect it, but you don’t have to fill every space with palm tree-printed curtains, pineapples and a hoard of shells. Furnish the room with one piece, like a nice green potted plant, to make a muted and elegant statement. If you’re confused with what to do, hire an interior designer.
2. Getting oversized furniture that doesn’t fit
If there is no space between your long upholstered sofa and two armchairs, you’re doing it wrong. Always measure the room and get furniture to match. While you can have big pieces in a small room, one that barely fits will lower the room’s aesthetic appeal.
3. Arranging furniture poorly
This is a mistake every amateur is prone to make. No matter what furniture you get, creating visual balance and avoiding clutter is key. If you use an antique trunk as a coffee table, it won’t go well with a heavy-bottomed sofa. Get one with exposed legs to balance out the trunk.
4. Falling prey to poor lighting
Lighting is the basic tenet of design. Let in as much natural light as possible. Use blinds to regulate the amount of light coming in. Consult an expert for tips to choose the right window blinds.
5. Getting chairs that are uncomfortable
If you don’t account for anything else when buying chairs, account for comfort. You should be able to sit in a dining chair or an armchair for at least a couple of hours without any discomfort. For dining chairs, measure the height of your dining table and buy chairs that are neither too short nor too tall.
Have more than one lighting source in a room to properly illuminate it. Dimmer switches are a great way to control the amount of light.
6. Cluttering a room
Don’t overstuff a room with too many knick-knacks. Any space needs to have a proper balance of flow and movement. Clutter will only make your life more stressful. Get extra shelves under the stairs to organize your items, or get an armoire you can place in a corner.
7. Making rug islands
A small rug, no matter how pretty it is, placed in the center of a large room will throw the decor out of proportion. The rule of thumb to follow is that the front legs of all the furniture should touch the edge of the rug.
8. Displaying too many pictures
If all your photo-frames are crowded onto a tabletop, no guest will want to look at them. Instead, make a gallery of a few chosen pictures on a wall and keep switching the photos every few months.
Follow these guidelines to avoid home designing mistakes. The professionals at Expressions at Home will help you with all your design queries.