8 Tips to Have a Spacious Living Room

A spacious living room is every home owner’s dream. It’s open, welcoming and allows free movement, which in turn makes the living room a cosy and comfy space for all residents. But what if you have a small and limited living room? Well, there are many things you can do to make it look and feel large and airy.

1. Decorate the walls, floor and ceiling

Use wallpaper strategically to create the illusion of a bigger space. Vertical stripes make the room look taller and horizontal ones give it a wider appearance.

Consider adorning the ceiling with paint or wallpaper as this will draw the eye upwards and make the room look taller.

A striped rug on the floor will do the same job as striped wallpaper on the walls. Orient the rug along the length of the room to maximise its effect.

2. Change the colour scheme

Using light colours (as opposed to dark or bright) will make the room appear larger. Pastels like lavender, baby blue and jade green or earth tones like beige, brown and white are good options.

A monochromatic colour scheme works well too. Furniture, rugs, and walls in different shades, and textures of the same colour will tie the room together and give it a roomy appearance.

3. Use mirrors

This is a very easy and foolproof way of making your room appear larger. Mirrors reflect light and space. If you tile an entire wall with mirror tiles, the reflection will give the illusion of doubled space.

4. Furnish the room with glass or Lucite items

A transparent coffee or end table will not take up too much visual space. Glass and Lucite furniture are much the rage right now, and rightly so. They provide functionality and also make the space appear open and large.

5. Buy furniture with secret storage

A sofa with book shelves along the sides and back, or an ottoman with a hidden storage compartment, will help you avoid clutter in the room and keep it organised and tidy. It’ll be your secret to having a spacious living room.

6. Use strategic lighting

Harsh overhead lighting will concentrate the light in one area and that’s not what you want in a small living room. Recessed spot lighting works the best as it draws the eye around the room and gives it a roomy look.

7. Keep the windows uncovered

With no curtains, more light will enter the room, and more light means more depth. Opt for blinds if you are concerned about privacy. Expressions at Home has an excellent and wide range of window blinds you can choose from.

8. Put up art pieces on the walls

Large paintings will make the space look ample and extensive. One large piece will work better than many small pieces, so instead of a gallery wall, opt for one statement artwork. When it comes to art, go big.

Use these tips to make your cosy little living room look spacious and roomy. Wondering what kind of furniture will best suit your space? Get in touch with Expressions at Home.