Answering your Hunter Douglas Shades Questions

If you have been checking online stores for window treatments, you must have come across a lot of Hunter Douglas collections. It is one of the most reputable and prestigious window treatment manufacturers. The window treatment solutions of Hunter Douglas are a mix of elegance, quality and practicality. If you are considering getting one of these shades for your office or home, you are likely to have several questions in relation to purchasing, warranty, maintaining and cleaning. Here are simple answers to your FAQs in relation to Hunter Douglas blinds and shades.

Which shades are right for my home?

Choosing the right shades perfect for your home depends on your design, environment and preferences. To start with, you must consult your interior designer or remodeler on shades that complement your home’s design. The next step is to determine your requirements, that what all features you want in your shades like extra privacy, UV protection and cord system. Finally, you should examine your environment. Check your surroundings for things like excessive dust, heat and humidity and consult your local dealership to find out which shades can best suffice your needs.

I don’t live in the US, how can I buy Hunter Douglas shades?

Locate a local dealership to buy Hunter Douglas blinds and shades. You can also easily find information about international dealerships from the worldwide website of Hunter Douglas.

Where can I get my damaged Hunter Douglas shades repaired?

The products come with a life time warranty for damages coming from defective components or parts. However, if damages occur due to misuse, wear or tear, poor installation and shipping, you can’t fix them under warranty, but rather get in contact with your local Hunter Douglas dealership for more details.

What about the refund policy of these shades?

Sadly, there is no refund policy for Hunter Douglas shades because they are custom made. If you find a faulty part, however, you can easily discuss it with your local dealer and ask for a repair. If you are not satisfied with the products due to any reason, do contact your local Hunter Douglas dealership and discuss your concerns.

Do these window treatments provide insulation?

Hunter Douglas shades give a nice degree of insulation depending on the product you are buying. Solar and cellular shades give insulation depending on their features and specifications. For correct information, checking the product specifications is must. Such products are usually marked as energy efficient.

What is the right technique to clean these shades?

You can download Care and Cleaning brochure from the website of Hunter Douglas. You will find all information in the brochure, so make sure that you download a copy and read it before your start cleaning your window treatments. Cleaning your shades in a wrong way can lead to undesired results, so take your time to learn correct cleaning method.