Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Window Coverings

Who doesn’t like the option of getting custom blinds, but only a few people have the correct knowledge about custom blinds and due to the big cost involved a lot of people prefer to settle for ready made blinds. If you are also considering getting custom windows covering, but you are confused and questions keep popping your head, then worry not. Here we are answering some of the frequently asked questions about the custom window coverings to help you know about your options and how to proceed further.

What exactly does custom window covering mean?

Custom window coverings are coverings that are tailor made specifically for your windows. They are accurately measured, made and installed to fit the style and size of your windows.

Why custom window coverings cost more?

It is a fact that custom window coverings are costlier than readymade products. But, they add better value to your home as compared to any other type of coverings. They are designed especially for your windows as per your needs. Just as great piece of clothing reflects your individuality, custom window blinds are great way to express your unique style and taste. Moreover, they are not as expensive as you think. You can take assistance of a professional to find out what window treatments can increase the existing architectural elements and color scheme of the room. The results can be amazing.

Can I measure my windows myself?

Yes, you can measure your windows. However, store won’t be responsible if your custom windows coverings don’t fit due to your incorrect measurements. Moreover, as the coverings will be made according to your specifications, they can’t be exchanged or returned. Nevertheless, if you still want to measure your windows yourself, only use a sturdy, metal tape measure. Yard sticks are not long enough and cloth tapes can stretch. Also, measure your windows at least twice and confirm your measurements with someone else. You can also seek help of a professional for window measurement.

There are a number of window coverings out there and I am confused. How to make a decision?

Ultimately, window coverings are all about the look, function and the pricing that you desire. If you need light control and privacy then horizontal blinds will work best for you. They are available in a number of colors. Vertical blinds also provide light control and good privacy but they are more apt for patio doors or large scale windows. The choices in fabrics are never ending. Pleated shades are also a great option. They give a soft touch to the window and are available in several colors and patterns. Another wonderful option of pleated shades are cellular shades, with a honeycomb shape that also provides great insulation.

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