Child Safe Window Treatments From Hunter Douglas

When it comes to choosing window coverings, it is important that you keep safety and well-being of your family members in mind. It is important that the window treatments not only look good but are functional and safe at the same time. Thankfully, today a huge variety is available, from motorized operating systems to cordless manual systems, cord tensioners, retractable lift cords, and wand controls. A huge variety of innovative lifting system options are available for increased child safe window covering solutions.

Every parent knows that when babies are around, even a simple household item can turn into safety hazard. Out of curiosity children can get attracted towards windows and window treatments. Keeping safety top of mind, Hunter Douglas provides the advanced child safe window treatments.

How to keep children safe around window treatments:

Since, 1995, the window treatment industry has been focused on decreasing the threat of injury to children caused by looped window treatments. Switching to newer window treatments or modifying your old ones is extremely important for the safety of the young children as well as pets in your home. One of the most popular Hunter Douglas products with a focus on child safety is Vignette® Modern Roman shades. These versatile and stylish windows are constructed without rear cords, thus provide safe operation and an aesthetically pleasing look.

As a Hunter Douglas window treatment dealer, we carry a huge selection of trendy window treatments designed with safety in mind. With our huge selection of contemporary designs, you can be sure to find the ideal choice for every room in your home.

Take these steps to ensure your window coverings don’t pose a risk to your children:

  • Replace all window coverings with cords, including corded draperies, corded shades, and even window blinds made before 2001. Latest window coverings include safety features like motorization, wand pull, cordless operation and loop control that don’t need cords.
  • Be very careful of the window treatments in children’s playroom and bedroom. Even with safe window treatments, move all toys, furniture, beds and cribs that can be climbed on, away from windows, to another wall (without windows).
  • When horizontal blinds or shades are lowered, make sure the cords are locked into position.
  • Use safety features like tensioning devices and cord cleats to enhance the safety of your window treatments.
  • Keep all window inner lift cords and pull cords away from out of reach of children. Make sure tassel pull cords are short and ensure continuous loop cords are strongly anchored to the wall or floor. Make sure the cord stops are correctly installed and adjusted to restrict movement of inner lift cords.