Did You Really Pick the Right Paint for Your Home?

Painting your home is a quick, inexpensive and reliable way to give it a new and fresh look. It also makes your house more presentable if you are planning to sell it. But how do you know which paint is right for your home? Think along these lines.

1. Check the paint type

Oil and latex are the most common types of paint in the market. Latex is easier to clean up and lasts longer than oil paint. It is perfect for most house walls as it is fade-resistant and has more breathability, meaning it suffers from less blistering.

Oil paint is more suitable for real wood trims and moldings because it seals the stains and knots on the wood. But it takes longer to dry than latex, so allot more drying time for it.

2. Consider the sheen type

Glossier paints are easier to clean up. If there are children or pets in the house, go for a greater sheen. A wet sponge is all it takes to clean up any marks and doodles. You can also use high gloss paint in kitchens as it will be easy to clean the grease build-up on the walls. However, glossy paint will shine excessively and also reveal blemishes on the walls.

Opt for semi-gloss if you don’t want too much shine. It has all the benefits of glossier paint but at a lower cost. Matt paint will hide the wall’s blotches and stains, but is not easy to clean and shows dirt clearly.

3. Get the look

If you want a calm and soothing ambiance, go monochromatic. Use different shades of the same colour for the walls and trims. For example, use a lighter shade for the walls but paint the trims darker. Keep the furnishings in the room, such as bedding and curtains, of the same hue as well. You can use blue, lavender or soft yellow to name a few.

If you’re aiming for elegance, opt for neutral tones like white, beige, mahogany or rust. This will give you a basic theme with which you can play up or down. You can use a bright colored vase or ottoman to offset the neutral hues, or keep everything muted for a subtle elegant look.

If you want your decor to be more vibrant, mix and match colors such as orange, red, purple or gold. For example, using black with red will give the room a dramatic, Oriental look.

4. Go for decorative paint finishes

Use different sheens together to create an interesting effect. For instance, paint the walls with matte finish but use a satin finish on the trims. This will give the surfaces different depths while still maintaining a cohesive look.

Use textures and glazes to make your space visually dynamic. You can also go for burnished metal finishes in copper, bronze or antiqued silver or gold.

5. Paint the ceiling

You can paint a high ceiling in a darker hue to lower it, or a low ceiling in a lighter shade to give the appearance of more space. Give the paint job a cohesive look by using the same shade on the ceiling, trim and moldings.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to wall paint. The professionals at Expressions at Home can help you with expert advice on choosing the right paint for your home.