Have Big Furniture in a Small Space

How many times have you read, heard, or been told that a small place should be furnished with small furniture? That a big sofa or a four-poster bed really has no place in a small room? Well, it’s time to discard all those random but ubiquitous bits of wisdom, because guess what? They are wrong; or not always right anyway. If you want to have big furniture in a small place, go right ahead.

1. Aesthetics are subjective
You don’t always have to listen to professionals with degrees in interior design. It’s your own style and taste that are important. If you own a big, stuffy, dark-coloured sofa but have recently moved into a small house / apartment, you need not get rid of it. Set it in your living room and continue enjoying its comforts. Not convinced? Check out how this person makes a big sofa in a small space¬†work. The feel and level of cosiness you want your space to have is what matters.

2. Functionality comes first
You need to consider how many people live in the space and furnish accordingly. If you live with a partner and a roommate, a simple loveseat is not going to be enough. If you are a single parent with two children, you’ll need closet space and study desks, even if you live in a small place.

3. One big piece is better than many small ones
There are many who believe that a small place will look better with a number of small furniture pieces than one big statement piece. This is not always right. Stuffing your living space with a lot of small furniture will make it look cluttered and confusing.
The best effect of big furniture is that it has a presence. One high-backed sofa will look much more deliberate and impressive than two chairs and an ottoman. Plus, with many small pieces of furniture scattered all over the room, moving from one end to the other will be a tough job. On the other hand, with a big piece, you won’t have to manoeuvre yourself around a lot.

4. Intention is important
The way you intend to perceive and use the room will dictate how you decorate it. If you want to come home to a cosy bedroom with a big comfortable bed, it doesn’t matter if your room is small. Get a king-sized bed, and your place will feel like a palace to you.

5. A floor plan comes in handy
The best way to go about furnishing a room is to draw up a floor plan first. Account for all your furniture and possessions and see how they will fit in to your house / apartment. Online floor planner SketchUp lets you do everything Рfrom the basics to planning out designs and wall colours.
Don’t let what they say stop you – go ahead and furnish your small space with big lavish furniture. Check out Expressions at Home for space furnishing and design options.