Helpful Tips From the Experts for Selecting Window Blinds

Today, one thing is sure that there are several styles and types in window blinds to choose from. While the huge selection makes that job of choosing your window blinds extremely exciting, at the same time, it make the task a little more daunting. Here we are writing some helpful tips given by experts to help you make selection of window blinds easier.

Take correct window measurements:
The primary thing that you will want to know is that correct window measurements are essential. Use a good, strong tape to measure the windows and ensure you don’t get your width and height measurements confused or mixed up. If you know how to do it, it is an easy job.

Take into consideration how much portion of the wall you want the blinds to cover:
When measuring the windows it is important to decide that how much portion of the walls you want your blinds to cover. Taking help of a friend or a family member is recommended when measuring the windows for blinds.

Dust is highly visible on light colored windows blinds:
Another great tip is to look around your environment closely to see how much dust you see in your house. Say for example, if your home is in a rural setting or a ranch where dust can be a common issue then take this into consideration when choosing your colors. It is advised that you should stay away from white, cream and more such shades.

Windows blinds and kids in your home:
If you have kids in your home then you should consider going with “upright slat” or vertical window blinds. The concern is that kids have a habit to reach up and twist horizontal blinds especially the metal type.

Very large windows:
If you have large window blinds then raising the covering becomes extremely difficult due to the weight. Also, it puts huge tension on the strings which can even cause the strings to break. So, for large windows you should consider a special control option, or you can consider to divide them in numerous blinds on one head rail, or you can install them side-by-side.

Difficult to reach windows:
Consider using extra long cords so that you can easily close or open a blind. You can also opt for remote controlled motorized operation. However, it might cost you little more than traditional blinds.

Windows with humidity:
Make sure the window blinds you choose are water resistant. Highly changing humidity or high humidity can be an issue for laminated fabric roller blinds, fabric Roman, wooden Venetian blinds.

Bright outside light or harsh sun:
Glare on computer monitor or TV can be really annoying. Thus when choosing window blinds it is important that you choose blinds that can prevent a bright security light from entering into your bedroom, use blinds with no stitch holes. You can also opt for blackout lining. Honeycomb blinds give great insulation from harsh sunlight.