How to Buy Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered furniture is a classic furnishing option. Whether it’s antique, vintage or brand new, upholstery can add an elegant and definitive appeal to your home decor.

Buying upholstered furniture, whether it is a sofa, an armchair or a recliner, requires a lot of things to be considered. Before making a decision, take the following points into account.

1. Comfort

This is the most important factor to consider when buying upholstered (or any) furniture. The greatest part of your experience with any piece will be its use, so it’s necessary to ensure that it won’t cause you discomfort or posture problems.

When shopping, sit on each piece to see how firm or soft it is. Assume different positions, and squeeze the cushions to check their springiness. Squeeze the padded framework to see if you can feel the frame underneath; if you can’t, then the piece is good. Check the height, length and depth of the furniture. Can you sit back comfortably? Is the piece too low? Do the arms of a chair come in the way or are they at the prefect height? All these inquiries will help you narrow down on the piece that suits you best. And don’t let onlookers bother you, you want to be sure that it’s comfortable!

2. Construction

The frame of the piece should be strong and well-balanced. Kiln-dried hardwoods like maple, ash or birch are more durable than soft wood and particleboard. The joints of the furniture should be tight with no gaps. Pieces with poor balance could tip over easily; this is especially a concern if kids or people with impaired movement are involved.

Ensure that no area of the furniture suffers from sagging. This usually indicates a weak spot with poor support. With prolonged use, the spot might sag further or even break.

The coils in the seats and backs give the piece its stability and long-life. Hand-tied steel coil springs are the best option as they offer strength and firmness.

If it’s a sofa bed or a reclining sofa, ensure that all the mechanisms run smoothly. You don’t want creaky movements and sudden jolts to ruin your investment and experience.

3. Fabric

Decide on the color, texture and pattern of the fabric according to your taste and preference. Color is the first choice people make. Avoid picking light colors if you have children or pets. Color trends are fun, but will you be able to live with them for long? A bright tangerine tango sounds avant-garde, but after a few months it will start to hurt your eyes.

Leather, microfibers, higher thread counts and tighter weaves last for a long time. Choose according to who will be using the piece of furniture. Pets and high-traffic areas will require a durable fabric.

You can also get fade-resistant, mildew-resistant and hypoallergenic fabrics, depending on your needs.

4. Warranty

Before buying, check the warranties on the frame, fabric and cushions. You want a store that will properly deal with any issues that arise. You can contact Expressions at Home for options inupholstered furniture.

Once you’ve bought it, take care of your furniture to give it a long life. With the help of all these guidelines, you are guaranteed a great upholstery shopping experience.