How to Choose the Right Window Blinds for Your Home

Nobody likes their bedrooms at home to be exposed to blinding sunlight throughout the day. You need blinds and curtains to cover your windows for so many reasons, such as controlling the amount of light you want to enter your room, ensuring your own privacy, and enhancing the overall beauty of your home. So, if you are planning to install blinds for your windows, here are some factors you should consider before you go about choosing the perfect window treatments.

1. Light and Privacy Levels:  

Ask yourself and your family members how much light you need to enter your rooms, and decide whether you want it to be bright and airy or private and cozy. Is there any particular portion of the room that you want to keep brighter than the rest? Do you want your bedroom to be semi-lit at all times, or do you want it to be either completely dark or completely bright? The answers to these questions will allow you to decide upon the fabric and design of your window blinds.

2. Your Budget:

Just like every other aspect of home décor, you must have allotted a specific amount of money that you are willing to spend on window treatments. This amount should be decided on the basis of the area that you want to cover, the size of your windows, the fabric you desire, and the patterns and features that you are looking for. Once you have settled on a budget, it will make your search for blinds much simpler, because you will know which price range to linger in.

3. Fabric and Pattern:

The fabric and patterns of your blinds will directly affect the quality of blockage and privacy you are receiving, so this is something you must select carefully. Do you want the setting of your windows to look more formal or more casual? And what kind of colors you want adorning such a large portion of your room? If you want the color of your blinds to match with the color scheme of the rest of your room, then that is what you should be looking for. Asking such questions makes it easier to decide, and you will not regret your choice once you have made a decision after considering all the possible angles.

4. The Kind of Blinds:

The best thing about blinds is that they are adjustable according to requirement. You can close the slats and control the privacy and brightness, or you can tilt them open a teensy bit to allow only a minimum amount of light to enter. It is on these factors that the kind of blinds you decide to install relies upon.

For example, mini-blinds have 1/2-inch-to-1/2 inch-wide slats that are made of very thin material. Vertical blinds feature strips of fabric and plastic hanging vertically from an overhead track, thus making them the best option for controlling the level of light and the level of privacy you want. Furthermore, pre-cut blinds are available in a range of common window sizes, and they cost lesser than custom-sized blinds.

Wooden blinds are available in light and dark hues, and in polished or painted finishes. All you have to do is ask yourself these questions and tell us the answers, and we will help you select the most perfect window treatments for your home. Contact Expressions at Home for the widest variety of choices and deals, and give your home a finished look.