How Your Home Can Benefit From Energy Efficient Hunter Douglas Window And Door Coverings

We have discussed it earlier as well, that an insulated window covering can benefit your home by making usage of energy more efficient. Used effectively, a window treatment can stop light entering in your home and block heat during the summer. Window coverings also assist hinder heat escape in winters. Window films, drapes and blinds all work effectively to make your windows more efficient. As a huge amount of energy can be gained and lost through windows, it is very important for maintaining the temperature of your home while keeping energy consumption low.

Window films: You can use window films on both the interior and exterior of windows. An energy efficient film is one of the most effective parts of your windows shield against inefficiency. If your windows lack films then probably the glass of your windows will feel hot during the summer. A window film can decrease the absorption of heat bringing the temperature of glass down significantly. In winters, the window films assist to protect your home by preventing inside heat from moving out.

Drapes: Drapes are very efficient at stopping heat from entering your home than leaving it; however they do have a significant effect on both. The information we are providing are certainly going to vary depending on the color, thickness and fabric. But, studies suggest that medium colored drapes with a plastic backing are quite effective at decreasing energy waste. If you have south facing drapes then keep them closed. This will help you prevent 33% of the heat gain noted when drapes are open. In winters, you should keep south facing drapes open to allow sunshine to get in. But during night you should keep all window coverings closed. This will assist decrease heat loss by 10%.

Blinds: If we talk particularly about blinds, then they more helpful in preventing heat gain in summer than heat loss in colder months, but they are still a crucial part of your window’s protection. Whether you like vertical or horizontal panels, when completely closed, interior blinds can assist prevent heat gain by up to 45%. That is a lot and you don’t want them completely closed either. By angling your blinds to direct light towards a ceiling or light colored wall, they can assist soften and disperse light without increasing heat in your home.

It is a well known fact that people of Edmonton live through both the extreme heat and cold. Doors and windows are generally looked as some of the most inefficient areas in your home. They usually contribute to 60% of a home’s heat exchange. Talk to Expressions At Home experts today and learn how can use Hunter Douglas window and door coverings to save money.