Hunter Douglas Blinds: What Is Hunter Green?

Some of the world’s top selling window treatments are manufactured by Hunter Douglas. Due to the trust of their customers, Hunter Douglas felt the need to pay back the communities which they serve and they do this through their companywide initiative: Hunter Green.

Hunter Green is the project of the company that promotes “green” or energy efficient solutions. It is also a project to create corporate awareness and action related to conserving energy. The key aim of the Hunter Green project is to support social programs that have a great impact worldwide through their generous efforts. In addition to changing corporate policies to start efforts towards conserving energy, main aim of Hunter Douglas is to help customers in reaching their energy saving goals allowing them to save money and cut costs while adding beauty to their interiors.

How Hunter Douglas blinds and shades decrease heating and cooling needs

  • Hunter Douglas window treatments give wonderful sources of natural daylight. They are designed to allow you to choose the amount of natural light you want to allow in your home. Using natural light in place of electric lights and lamps in the home can significantly decrease your electric bills.
  • The window coverings of Hunter Douglas provide insulation. These solutions decrease heat flow including both gain and loss through windows with their patented thick designs.
  • Hunter Douglas window coverings control solar heat. They help control solar heat by controlling the amount of heat that is allowed in your house during summers minimizing the solar heat that enters your home and bringing in more solar heat in the winters.

Hunter Douglas is very serious about the environment:

Hunter Douglas is very serious about the environment and the current problems. Thus, they seek to provide energy efficient products. With their novel products in window coverings including shutters, shades and blinds- they provide energy efficient products that the customers can find really beneficial. Hunter Douglas window coverings are not only energy efficient but they are also stylish and elegant. Whether you are shopping for rolling shades, Roman shades or any other window treatment, they have the products you need to add energy efficiency and style to your home and your lifestyle.

Choose Hunter Douglas window treatments:

They use the latest technologies to create the most amazing products in window treatments. Choosing products of Hunter Douglas means making the best choice and going green. All treatments are customized to fit your personal needs as well as the shape and size that you need.

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