Hunter Douglas Roller Shades Are Designed For Easy Care

It is very difficult to find even a single homeowner who isn’t impressed with the looks and aesthetics of Hunter Douglas window coverings. But, do you know that they are also very easy to clean? It is hard to beat Hunter Douglas when it comes to balance of beautiful and practical, however, there are a still a few techniques to keep these window treatments clean.

  • Dusting is the most popular care that your window treatments need. By having your window panels, shutters, sheers, shades and blinds dusted regularly, they will retain a new-like appearance for years to come. Whether you are responsible for cleaning part in your home, or there is someone to help, it is recommended to have your window treatments dusted every 2-4 weeks.

Things you should know: Be very careful when choosing the tool or gear for dusting. Slightly damp cloths and feather duster work effectively for most window coverings, but using magnetic cleaners like the ones used in dusting mitts are not really recommended. These magnetic cleaners are harmful for the light dimming fabrics used by Hunter Douglas.

  • Vacuum cleaning work effectively for some window coverings, but you should avoid doing it as frequently as dusting. Vacuuming your window coverings every 3 months is enough. You can consider using a brush attachment and if the vacuum you are using has various strengths then use the most gentle setting.

Things you should know: While you can use vacuum for most of the coverings, it is not recommended for all types of window coverings. Vacuuming can damage the fabrics used in the Architella Elan Eclipse® and Architella® Elan®. In addition, vacuuming creates creases in Luminette Privacy Sheers and Alustra® Luminette®.

  • You can blow away dust by using a number of different techniques. You can use a can of compressed air to get rid of the dust. Also, you can use a hair-dryer on no-heat to get rid of the collected dust. Generally, blowing away dust is not essential unless you are not able to vacuum your window coverings.
  • Spot cleaning: Spot cleaning requires a sponge or damp cloth with a little soap to clean the dirty area. Generally, spot cleaning is recommended unless your window covering is very dirty. If you are using spot cleaning method, then you can also use only lukewarm water to remove the spots.

Things you should know: Any vigorous rubbing or scrubbing can crease or even harm the fabric on your window coverings. Be very gentle and remember that spot clean can make the window covering look patchy by cleaning the soiled area and making them more cleaner than all other areas.