Hunter Douglas Window Coverings Are Designed For Easy Care

Hunter Douglas window coverings are extremely popular amongst home owners because of their amazing looks and superb functionality. But, do you know that they are also easy to clean? It is hard to beat Hunter Douglas when it comes to the ideal balance of beautiful and practical, however, there are still a few tricks to keep these window treatments clean.

The most common care that your window treatments need is dusting. By having your window panels, shutters, sheers and shades dusted regularly, you can keep them looking like new for long period. Whether you do cleaning all by yourself or you have someone to lend a helping hand, it is a nice idea to have your window treatments dusted every 2 to 4 weeks.

Things you should know: Be careful of what you choose for dusting your Hunter Douglas window coverings. Slightly damp clothes and feather dusters work wonderfully for most window coverings. You should avoid using magnetic cleaners like the ones available in dusting mitts. Especially, these magnetic cleaners can harm many of the light dimming fabrics used by Hunter Douglas.

You can get rid of the accumulated dust in a number of ways. You can use your hair drier on no heat or a can of compressed air for blowing away dust. Blowing away dust becomes really important if you are not able to use vacuum on your window coverings.

For some Hunter Douglas window treatments, vacuuming also works effectively. In addition, it doesn’t need to be done almost as frequently as dusting. Every three months or so is enough. You can use brush as an attachments, and make sure that your vacuum is set on the gentlest setting.

Things you should know: Although most window treatments can be vacuumed, these cleaning procedures are not suitable for all window coverings. Especially, if we talk about sheers then vacuuming can leave creases on them; also it is not suggested for fabrics as it can damage your window treatment.

Spot cleaning is also really popular way of cleaning your Hunter Douglas window coverings, in case of a cleaning a dirty spot or mark. For spot cleaning you can use a sponge or damp cloth with a little soap to clean dirty areas. However, you should use this technique only when your window coverings are actually very dirty. You can also use lukewarm water to clean your window coverings, and try to clean dirty spots without any soap. This works in case of slight marks.

Things you should know: Any severe rubbing or scrubbing can damage or crease the fabric on your window treatments. Remember to be very gentle when cleaning your window treatments and remember that spot clean can also make your window covering look patchy as soiled areas will become cleaner than other areas.

All window treatments require cleaning, but with Hunter Douglas a little cleaning will go a long way. If you have questions about Hunter Douglas window coverings in Edmonton, call us today.