Organize Your Bedroom and Keep it Clean

Your bedroom is the reflection of your life. Its state reflects the state of your mind; and what’s more interesting is that you can modify your state of mind by modifying your bedroom. A cluttered and ill-kept room will cause you frustration, but a well-organized room can give you peace of mind and tranquillity.
If the drawers are spilling out and the floor is covered with assorted clothing, don’t fret. You can get your bedroom organized and clean with these helpful tips.

1. Make shelves your best friend
If you are in constant need of drawers to stow away items, place a dresser or a chest of drawers in place of a side table. This two-in-one furnishing trick will help you stay clear of clutter.
More shelves will give you more space to store your possessions. Buy side tables with extra shelves or try using drawer dividers.

2. Use the space under your bed
You can also consider making shelves under the bed for handy and organized storage. Bags, extra towels and linens, exercise gear – it can all fit in to under-the-bed storage space. Use the bedroom design services at Expressions at Home to renovate your space.
3. Opt for tall furniture
Opt for tall, not wide, furniture. This will leave ample room for additional pieces of furniture to be added. Make use of vertical space by placing your laundry basket or that decorative vase on top of your armoire. This will help you avoid the sore sight of disorder on the floor level.

4. Invest in a shoe rack
If a towering pile of shoes is the problem, get a shoe rack with multiple shelves. This will help you keep all the pairs lined up neatly, and they will no longer overrun your room or closet. A shoe rack will also help you keep your shoes in good condition. Clothes or books will not come in contact with them and so will not be soiled or dirtied.

5. Get your drawers in order
Don’t just dump random thing into your drawers. Keep things organised by using drawer dividers. You can use old vintage cups to store your jewellery, or better yet, get a hanging organiser for them. You can hang these on a hanger and put them in your closet. With multiple pockets for different kinds of jewellery, you no longer have to fear that your necklaces will entangle with your bracelets.

6. Make your bed
Don’t just do it once in a while, when your parents come into your bedroom or when you need to impress your friends. Do it every single day. An organised bedroom really starts with a well-made bed. Do it as soon as you wake up in the morning, so you won’t put it off for later.

7. Turn the clutter into a style statement
If all else fails, there’s always this nifty trick: stack your clutter in a pattern that looks purposeful and stylish. The mess will look like a chic and deliberate effort.

8. Keep your bedroom clean
Organising your bedroom is just the start, the first step. What will keep your space tidy is regular cleaning. Dust all surfaces at least once a week and clean out your drawers every 6 – 12 months. Wash your bed linens a minimum of every month (although ideally it should be every week). Always fold your clothes and place them in your closet; never dump a pile of clothes willy-nilly. It’s what starts the clutter in the first place.
Follow these tips and make your bedroom a bright, clean and cosy space for your rest and relaxation. If you have any trouble, contact Expressions at Home for great advice on design and furniture.