Paint or Wallpaper – Which is Better?

A fresh coat of paint, or a new layer of wallpaper, on the walls of any room can instantly transfigure the look and feel of it. Light hues and delicate patterns can transform a small and dark room into a muted and airy one. Dark colours and bold, striking designs can turn a large room into a cosy one. There’s really no limit to the aesthetics you can achieve through creative use of paint or wallpaper.
However, if you have ever decorated a home, or even a small room, you are familiar with the quandary: paint or wallpaper? There are so many sides to this argument that it can make your head spin. Well, the best place to start is to know the advantages and disadvantages of each.
Pros of Paint

1. Paint is less expensive
Paint is normally less expensive than wallpaper, and it doesn’t need a lot of supplies. Compared to a professional wallpaper job, a professional paint job is still cheaper. On the flip side, it should be noted that textured paint jobs and high-end finishes can be very expensive.

2. Paint is easier to apply
A paint jobs is very easy to perform; in fact, even amateurs like you and me can do it. There are no adhesives involved, and no worry about lining up the seams, as is the case with wallpaper.
Cons of Paint

1. Paint is easier to damage
A paint job can easily be damaged by furniture, children or pets. Dark smudges easily appear on paint. If there are scrapes or cracks, the only option is to repaint the area.

2. Paint requires more preparation
Any cracks on the wall have to be filled with spackle and left to dry for 24 hours. A darker colour paint job entails a layer of primer paint. Sanding the wall to smoothen it out may be necessary. All this take a lot of time.

Pros of Wallpaper
1. Wallpaper requires less preparation
Applying a fresh layer of wallpaper on to the walls requires less prep work than a paint job. Just washing the walls and filling in big holes in enough. You don’t have to worry about every crack and crevice.

2. Wallpaper is more durable
Wallpaper is perfectly suited for busy areas or homes with children. It can last for up to 15 years. Some varieties of wallpaper can also be washed and scrubbed.
Cons of Wallpaper

1. Wallpaper is hard to install
Installing wallpaper is a tough and tricky job. The walls need to be measured and the wallpaper needs to be cut to exactly the right shape and size. There can’t be any wrinkles while applying it on to the walls. If the seams are not lined properly, the result will be a shoddy and haphazard appearance.

2. Wallpaper is prone to peeling
In humid rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens or laundry rooms, the excess moisture causes wallpaper to peel over time. Wallpaper is really only suited to drier conditions.

3. Wallpaper is a tedious task to remove
This is a delicate operation and needs the right stripping tools. Chemicals can also be used, and always there is risk of damaging the wall.

So there you have it. Both paint and wallpaper have their benefits and drawbacks. And this is only considering two options for your walls. What about tiles and stones, or wall decor like sponging and panelling? If you’re still not sure, head down to our store and talk to a professional who will help you make the right choice.