Pick the Right Coffee Table

Your coffee table is literally the central and defining piece of furniture in your living room. It is the last piece of the puzzle that ties everything together and completes the room decor. It also serves a lot of functions: you use it to place books, magazines, food, drinks, even your feet. The coffee table you pick should be the perfect fit for your needs and your taste.
Buy a coffee table after deciding on all the other furniture of your living room. This is because your coffee table should complement the other pieces of furniture and the general room decor, not the other way round.

1. Distance to other furniture
Generally, keep a distance of 18 inches between the coffee table and the sofa. Follow this for chairs or ottomans as well. The table will be near enough to set down your plate or drink, but not far enough that you can’t put your feet up.
Maintain a main passageway in the room by placing your coffee table about 30 inches away from the television or media cabinet. If your living room is too small, reduce the distance to about 25 inches.

2. Height of the coffee table
The height of your coffee table should be a few inches lower than the seats of your sofa, so you can set down food plates or drinks without bumping them into the table’s edge. Most coffee tables have a height of 16 to 18 inches. If you have unusually high sofas or chairs, you can get a coffee table up to 20 / 21 inch tall.

3. Style of the coffee table
Create a balance between your sofa and coffee table. If you have a big, boxy, solid coloured couch with hidden legs, buy a glass-top table with thin but sturdy legs. If your sofa is slim and light, you can go for a stockier table, perhaps made of wood with thick legs.
If there are kids or pets in the house, consider getting a round or oval table. There won’t be any danger of the little tots harming themselves against sharp edges. Extra storage is always welcome in any house – get a coffee table with one or two drawers or shelves underneath.

4. Design of the coffee table
If the children of the house (or you) are prone to spilling, you can get a table with a lip edge. It will also be useful when entertaining guests; your carpet won’t have to endure red wine spills.
A glass or Lucite table will make your space look clean and open. If you have a statement piece of furniture, like a vintage sofa, glass / Lucite won’t take away attention from it. If you have a special rug and don’t want to block its view, a glass-top table with metal legs will be perfect.
You can also get an upholstered coffee table. Put a tray on top of it to place items like books or plates. It might be difficult to set drinks on an upholstered table, so buy one only if you’re not in the habit of relaxing with a drink in the evening. Choose the upholstery fabric with care as people will want to put up their feet. Linen and rayon will be harder to clean; go for outdoor fabrics.

The right coffee table depends on how you will use it and how it will harmonise with your living room decor. Contact the professionals at Expressions at Home for advice on the perfect coffee table.