Right Blinds For The Right Windows

If you take into consideration light control, insulation, cost and aesthetics, but your blinds just don’t fit your windows? You’d have wasted your time and money for nothing. There is such a thing as the right blinds for the right window, and it’s important to know which is which so you get the blinds that suit you best.

Getting right measurements is the first step towards getting blinds for your windows. Measure the length and breadth of the windows and don’t confuse one with the other. Take the help of a family member or friend.

A normal rectangular window is easiest to shop for; you’ll have a full range of blinds to choose from. But if any of your windows have an unusual shape, follow this guide to get the blinds that match.

1. Large Windows
For windows that are extra large, you need something light and sturdy. You can opt for wood or faux wood blinds. These will give a mellow and organic look to the room. Faux wood is less expensive than real wood, and holds up well in humid conditions.
Because the size of the blinds will be big, there will be added strain on the strings and lift cords. Consider getting blinds with vertical slats. Fabric or Roman blinds will add an interesting aesthetic effect to the decor of the room.

2. High or Tall Windows
With high or tall windows, you will find it difficult to raise or lower the window treatments. Get motorised window treatments so you don’t have to pull out the ladder every time you want to adjust the blinds. Some motorization work on batteries while others have to be plugged into a DC power supply outlet. With PowerRise, PowerGlide and PowerTilt systems offered by Expressions at Home, you can adjust your blinds any which way you want.

3. Unusual Window Shapes
For bay windows, get treatments with smaller headrails, such as one-inch blinds, for easy adjustments. Windows that slide sideways will accommodate any type of blinds. Pick one-inch blinds for single hung and double hung windows. Vertical blinds are great for wide picture windows as they will not obstruct the view.

4. Skylights
Get skylight shades that suit your window. You can also get black-out skylight shades to keep light and heat out completely.

5. Doors
Control light and privacy by getting blinds for your doors. Aluminium blinds are inexpensive and come in different colours and widths. Get blinds with vertical slats for sliding doors as they will match the door’s vertical opening and closing movements.
For French doors, get shallow blinds that will fit between the door and decorative handles. The blinds will move and shift when the door is opened or closed, so install hold down brackets to keep the bottom of the blinds in place.

Install window blinds that match your window along with your taste. Contact the professionals at Expressions at Home for advice on the best window treatments.