Ways to Clean Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

Hunter Douglas window treatments provide customization choices and options that will add style to any area of your room. Limitless options are available to choose exclusive window coverings. Providing such style and beauty to your rooms, you will certainly want to keep your window coverings as clean as possible to maintain their beauty, whether you have blinds, roller shades, shutters or any other Douglas product. Keeping them clean and maintaining them will be a very crucial part of preserving the life of these blinds.

Here we are listing some really simple and effective window treatments that will help you keep your windows clean:

1. Choose the cleaning products depending on the material of the covering. There are differences in cleaning products that will be best used for your type of window coverings as different material needs a different type of cleaner.

2. Use a feather duster. Every time you vacuum your room, ensure to use the feather duster on your Hunter Douglas blinds- either going top to bottom or going left to right. Doing this once in a week will prevent you from requiring to further clean your shades.

3. Use a slightly wet cloth to wipe any extra splatter that may happen from a spill or a storm. To remove spills and stains from cloth shades, you can use a laundry detergent pen.

4. For a more deeper or thorough cleaning, Hunter Douglas recommends vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner with brush attachment. Most vinyl roller and fabric shades of Hunter Douglas can be cleaned using vertical strokes. Vacuum cleaner is suggested for both material made as well as fabricated shades.

5. You can also hire professional cleaning methods for vinyl roller shades. These include ultrasonic cleaning and injection extraction method. These professional cleaning solutions prove to be of great help if are considering deep cleaning of your window treatments.
Hunter Douglas shades and blinds are a very amazing addition to anyone’s home d├ęcor and there are a number of options available for different room types. Whether you prefer rolling shades to Roman shades, Hunter Douglas has the product to meet your needs. They provide over 50 different designs to choose from.

The results of keeping your shades clean: Keeping your shades clean can protect the life of your shades. Regular cleaning also keeps them at their best performance as well as increases the life of blinds. Using vacuums and light cleaners, you can remove the dust that gets collected on your window coverings. Just remember to choose the most suitable cleaning option, depending on the material of the blind or shutters.