What Bedroom Theme is For You?

Are you on the brink of a bedroom revamping spree? Or have you just moved into your new place and are looking for some bedroom décor inspiration? It can get tiring to browse through numerous interior decorating magazines and expensive to hire a professional decorator. The best thing to do would be to clear your mind and gauge what you really, really want to come home to – with a little help from us!

Going Classic

If you prefer sticking to the tried and tested way of living, then you sure as hell are going to find yourself happy with a classic style bedroom. This would ideally include lighter wall paint like cream, ivory, white and pastel colours or wallpapers that have self coloured textures and prints or even soft floral prints. Do you like the sound of that? Then you might want your bed sheets and other accessories to complement your theme as well. Pick shades only slightly darker for your drapes and rugs. Your bed linen can be as you wish It to be but keep it white works well. To give it a twist that’s not too dramatic you can use a pale yellow to accessorise; like a vase or some accent pillows.

Funky Business

If you like unusual and quirky styles, then creating you room will bring you joy and watching it fall into place will bring you even more! A rule of thumb to follow is that if your accessories are funky, then keep your walls fairly simple as you do not want to visually overload your senses. Having too much going on around your bedroom can interfere with your quality of sleep. There’s so set way to design a funky bedroom because quirky people have tastes that are varied possibly not uniform. Your room will most likely don souvenirs from travels, memorabilia from your favourite band, art work by you, hand painted sheet or really whatever it is you want to be surrounded with.

Minimalistic Madness

Minimalist décor has taken over the interior scene for a long time now and more people are beginning to realise that this works for them. The reason being- Minimalist décor ensures that there its no furniture clutter, meaning that if your temperature and mattress are also comfortable then you will possibly get the best sleep ever. That precedes any other priority in a bedroom, right? However if you like the minimalistic theme but find it too boring to match your tastes, you can always have a bright accent wall or accent furniture to add that zing to it.

Really Rustic

Think wooden, think warm, think cozy; this one is hard to pass up on. Rustic rooms are perfect for colder climates because they totally complement the nights in bed cuddling with your lover, your pet or your children, guzzling some hot chocolate and making memories. Rustic bedrooms usually have plain light painted walls with predominantly wooden furniture that is bordering on the vintage side. Wooden furniture is sturdy than others and is always a good option while thinking of a long term investment.

Whatever you do decide, you can be rest assured that you will have added a bit of yourself into creating that perfect haven for you to run home to.