Why it is Better to Buy Local?

The flow of money on every purchase of goods and services by you, contributes to the economy of your region and the world. You may not realize it but purchasing local goods is your contribution to the overall economy of your community. Every purchase you make from a locally owned business, you`re not only doing yourself a favor but also your community a big favor. How many times we have heard the slogan-‘think global. Act local’ but have we ever wondered the importance of “acting locally? Here are some reasons why your own local retailers are the best choice for you to purchase from instead of going elsewhere. There`s more to purchasing local goods than just being loyal to your community.

1. Superior customer-services

The biggest advantage of buying locally is that you can easily contact the seller in case you want any services or repair-work related to the product, after the purchase. You know who the local seller is so you can reach him easily and ask for his assistance any time. After all nobody understands your product, better than the seller himself. So if you buy the product from a seller who is located in your community, you will definitely receive the best services from him than you would if you had bought the product from a different region altogether.

2. Local goods are cheap

When you buy goods from a local manufacturer, the overhead costs of shipping, packaging and storage are cut down.. On the other hand, a product that is shipped to you from overseas will charge you with packaging, in-transit storage charges, shipping costs, and other miscellaneous charges. The result is a higher price and longer delivery time. So, It`s always better to pick local, independent manufacturers within your community so that the random overheads are not applicable and you receive the product quickly.

3. Contribute to the community

Buying from local retailers and encouraging others to do so is a good way of uplifting the economic condition of the community you live in. Did you know that a local business generates 70% more local economic activity as compared to a big national business? Simply put, the money you give to a local retailer stays in your community itself giving a hike to financial wealth of your community.

4. Environment friendly

Local purchasing also has an eco-friendly angle to it. Goods that are locally produced do less harm to the environment as there is less use of transportation and thus lesser burning of fuels. Bringing goods from a distant place, require transportation which in turn contributes to pollution.

So next time you have to invest money in anything for your house, consider buying locally and let your money stay within the community. Do your bit for the society and the environment by buying from local retailers and promote regional economy. Forget about shipped and imported goods, when the best is just a few blocks away.