Window Treatments For Offices And Businesses

There are several advantages of having prominent, large windows for the office or storefront area of your business. However, the sun can create some problems. Depending on the direction they face, the sun can create some serious glare issues in the mornings and afternoons. This can affect the productive of the employees and create an uneasy and uncomfortable experience for customers.

This is where window treatments or window coverings become crucial. Here we will be discussing some of the top options.

Roller shade:

The most popular window treatment for offices is the roller shade. They are made of one piece of fabric, which is very durable and prevents the sun from entering your premises. They are more efficient then shades or blinds when it comes to keeping out the light. They are very popular with both office environments and storefront retail stores.

Roller shades are also available with the most effective blackout fabrics. While other window treatments provide blackout materials, the design of roller shades allow them to block huge amount of light. In addition, they are easy to use so you can easily adjust them up and down according to the position of the Sun.

They are also available with room darkening or light filtering fabrics. So, if you don’t want to blackout your office completely then these can be a nice addition in your home. These materials allow some light through but still provide relief from the dangerous UV rays.

Metal/mini blind collection:

Another really popular option amongst office owners is metal/mini blind collection. They are usually made up of aluminum and are the most reasonable window coverings and are a great option for more compact and smaller window frames. Their price is their most catchy feature. The various colors available can match almost any color scheme.

Which window coverings are not perfect for a office setting or a business?

Honeycomb/cellular shades:

Though these window coverings are very popular for their insulation ability, they are definitely not the most durable window treatments. Also, they are hard to clean. While they are energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing, their design is not perfect for a business or office area.

Plantation Shutters:

These window coverings are very popular amongst homeowners, but they not the right choice for offices and business. Their permanent and durable nature can increase the resale value of your home. However, with most offices leasing their properties, these shutters won’t be worth the investment. In addition, if your business grows and you need more space, it will be difficult to relocate the shutters.

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