Your Guide To Hunter Douglas Roller Shades

The exclusive Hunter Douglas roller shades feature a huge range of window covering solutions made of custom fabrics, which include traditional, soft and natural fabrics. Each fabric has its own qualities and can help you get the desired look. Say, if you want to add classical appeal and character to your home, then roller shades made of traditional fabrics make a great choice. On the other hand, roller shades made of soft fabrics work wonderfully for offices and homes and add a touch of elegance to the overall interior.

Design options and combinations:

When it comes to the most popular choices in terms of practicality and elegance, fabric and vinyl shades are as popular as the plastic roller shades. This implies that as far as your range of choices for your window treatments is concerned, your choices are not limited to the general blinds or shades in plain white. You can choose from a huge range of over 200 fabrics, and number of patterns and designs that you can match to fit your preference.

If you are want see through shades mainly for its decorative value then you can use fabric as a standalone window treatment. You can also use it along with a vinyl window blind with matching style and design if you want more privacy and more control over light.

Benefits of purchasing Hunter Douglas designer roller shades:

Protect your belongings: One of the most important reasons to invest in window shades is to get a complete control over the sunlight that enters your home. Hunter Douglas roller shades will allow you to control the light that enters in your room, which will prevent your furniture and carpeting from being damaged by UV rays.

Design flexibility: Just like most Hunter Douglas products, each shade comes in a variety of designs and styles that homeowners can choose from. Thus, you can easily select the right aesthetic that will match just right with your d├ęcor and help you give your home a finished look. You won’t have to compromise by selecting a style or fabric that you don’t love; as we will be able to assist you find the suitable one you need.

Clean look: If you are looking for window shades that don’t look messy, look no further than Hunter Douglas designer roller shades. A variety of options are available to conceal and clutch the fabric roll that is at the top of each window treatment. This helps you get an aesthetically pleasing and clean look.

If you are looking for custom window covering solutions schedule an appointment with Expressions At Home today. We will assist you find the right treatment that you are looking for.