Your Guide To Ordering Custom Blinds

Buying window blinds and window treatments on the internet today is a fun and easy process. Pick the brand, choose the color, choose the style and place your order. While getting your window blinds customized is important and exciting, you need to keep in mind a number of important things when ordering custom blinds to make sure that you are satisfied with your shopping.

Most importantly, do your research. At least try to research about 3 or 4 different window treatment styles and brands so that you can determine what you like and dislike in each one of them. Once you do that, you will be sure that which style and brand caters to your specific lifestyle requirements.

Second, take the time to order swatches and samples and choose the color that can actually increase the aesthetics of your room. Don’t be hesitant in ordering the samples, the service providers are well aware of the fact that you are making a huge investment and will provide all the help in all possible ways. While taking the samples, also keep in mind to make a note of the material or fabric. Is it durable? It is high quality and feels good? Compare the samples of a few brands, in order to understand the quality difference.

Once you find the perfect fabric, color, style and brand, you move on to the next really important part of custom window treatment ordering i.e. dimensions. You must emphasize on getting good measurements. If you ball-park it or wing it, your blinds won’t probably fit as you want them to. Custom blinds must fit your windows like a glove; they should not be loose or ill fitted. Note the measurement instructions from the website of the blind store and follow their instructions accurately. Once you measure, measure again.

Be double, triple sure of your measurements. Also, ask your family members and friends to double check the measurements. Once you are sure of the accuracy of the measurements, place your order. If you are methodical and careful about ordering your new custom blinds, you will have a trouble free installation experience that leads to an amazing new look. If you miss even a single step mentioned here, you may find your blinds are not what you wished for, may be they are not the right fabric or may be not the right color, may be they don’t even fit your windows well.

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